Most frequent questions and answers

About the Event.

A Virtual Race means you still go for a run, but you can choose where and when.  It can be outside, on a treadmill, alone or with others (within social distancing guidelines of course).

Cross-country means any surface, often naturally occurring such as grass, dirt or sand.  Basically there are no rules with the surface, we recommend a mixture of all.  Some people might live in areas where access to nature is difficult, so running on the road or concrete is ok too.

You can run the distance as many times as you can from May 15 to August 31.

  • Replicate your school cross country carnival
  • Represent your house, school, region or state
  • Compare yourself to other people your age around Australia
  • Race bib with your name on it to download and colour in
  • Free digital finishers certificate to download
  • Chance to win amazing prizes
  • Chance to purchase merchandise online
  • Finisher medal (additional cost)

An individual entry is $10 per person.  Whole schools can register and the cost depends the population of the school.  Rates are;

  • 1-99 students: $100
  • 100 – 499 students: $200
  • 500 – 999 students: $500
  • 1000+ students: $1000

Group discounts are available for schools and representative groups on negotiation.

Not at all.  The beauty of this is you can run or walk at your own pace.  No one is watching, it’s just you trying your best.  It’s about staying active during these times and even creating a bit of school or club spirit. 

There’s 3 easy steps;

  • Register – enter online here
  • Run – go for a run and be sure to time it (use your watch, smartphone, RunKeeper APP, Strava etc)
  • Record – register your performance here

As many times as you like.  There is no limit to submitting results, so get running.  You can try different routes and your fastest one will be the ultimate time shown on the leader board.

Not if you don’t want to.  You can still enter online, then not submit performances, that’s totally up to you. 

Anyone can enter.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you live in Australia or overseas.  

When you submit your result, we ask you to include a screenshot of the route you ran.  Of course there is an element of honesty here and we ask people not to cheat themselves.

To be eligible for age group medals and prizes, you must record your run through your smart phone or smart watch and upload the data when you enter your results online. We recommend the RunKeeper APP which is free to download and integrates seamlessly with our results system.  


The technology that underpins our ability to operate this event is Race Roster, an international recognised platform that supports over 8,000 global events each year across the globe. Race Roster has built a policy in line with the UN’s Privacy Policy that stipulates kids “under 14 years of age should have parental permission or a guardian before signing up for any type of major event”. We take the privacy of anyone that enter this event very seriously and whilst potentially this could be perceived to be too strict in Australia during ‘normal conditions’, we have decided that the current conditions are not normal. Furthermore, virtual events are new, sometimes take place in uncontrolled settings and areas and could include roads;  therefore we must mitigate the risk as much as possible and ensuring those under 14 have permission/ their parents/ guardians are aware of the activity their child is about to participate in.

As an Event, we also decided that based on the current and tumultuous affairs across Australia because of COVID-19 we would stick to this policy. Regulations and restrictions are changing on a daily basis and the situation is unpredictable. Whilst fortunately the conditions are looking positive, the last thing we would want to do is have those under the age of 14 potentially participating or following the rules of our event without receiving permission from a parent or adult guardian.

Steps to Registering a person under the age of 14 Successfully

  1. Create an account using your parent, guardian or adult’s email address. This is essential!
  2. Click on the Register Button and select your age category.
  3. When asked if you are completing this form for ‘Myself’ or ‘Someone Else’, please select ‘Someone Else’.
  4. Fill out the form with all your information, ensuring you select your School within the Teams Category and enter in your School Sports House!
  5. Follow the rest of the registration form and Submit your Registration!
  6. You’re all set to go 😊.

If your school has registered as a GACCC Participating School; then they will have received a code to provide their students with discounted entry. Please contact your School to receive your Discount Code.