Walking and running is a sport that we can do during these challenging times. In fact, society is getting out and about on foot more than ‘normal’ times at present.

If you represent a community group, charity, sporting club, business or other organisation, why not enter them as a group to have some fun and set each other challenges. 

Our RACE ROSTER technology is state of the art and can be tailored to suit your group.

Get rewarded by participating as a club! 50% off your member's entry fees will be donated back to your club!

Club cup.

Does your club have what it takes to be the fastest club in your state/ territory or Australia? You could be in the inaugural winners of the GACCC Club Cup. 


Round up your club mates and ensure you three members in a total of 10 divisions to participate.


Points are awarded from the place you finish in each division. I.e first in the 40-45 is awarded one point and 25th is awarded 25 points.


The winning club is the one that scores the least number of points across the 10 divisions combined. 

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to each club in the State and Nation.

Australia's most active club.

Do you think that your club is the most active in Australia? Then get your friends, running mates and non-running pals and register for your club.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to clubs that rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each state/ territory and nationally. 

The club with the most participants will win amazing prizes and be announced as the GACCC Most Active Club of 2020!

register your club today

steps to participate.



Register your club and start encouraging your members and community to sign up to GACCC.



Go for your run and record your time/ distance. You can run as many times as you want to! ​



Upload your recorded results into the GACCC Results Hub.


Check your place.

Check out how you are placed in your age and division and most importantly, how your club is going on the Clubs Leaderboard.​


Run Again.

Run again if you want to improve your placing and move your way up the ladder! ​



The Announcement of GACCC Biggest and Fastest Club Competitions will occur on August 3rd. ​

what is a club?

A club can be a formally registered club, a group of friends, a corporate business, it’s your choice. We are not going to charge you to be a club in our competition and nor do we follow conventional rules! This is about getting moving, having fun and bring out the competitive spirit at every level.


prize money t&c's.

A club can be a formally registered club, charity, group of friends or a corporate business. . To be eligible to enter the challenge as a Community Group, the group must possess either an ABN, ACN, or INC number. The prize pool is only activated once a minimum of 6 community groups have registered with a minimum of 100 participants each.